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IMPORTANT NOTE: If the property has an unheated Basement, then this sq.ft. must be included in the heated space when selecting the property size in the dropdown menu below.

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(Crawl-space foundation -yes) - $75
(1-2 car Garage attached-yes) - $25
(Garage detached-yes) - $35
( 3-4 car Garage attached -yes ) - $50
(Termite arrange-yes) - $65
Radon gas test - $200
Mold indoor air quality test - $325
Water bacteria test - $200
Water(bacteria/nitrites/nitrates/lead - $325
Water arsenic test - $200
Water oil & grease test - $200
Water sulfate test - $200
(Garage detached w living or kitchen - $125
Utilty building-shed-storage - $25

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IMPORTANT NOTE: An additional return trip fee of $100 will be automatically charged (added onto the Inspection Invoice) if we are required to return to the home to complete any part of the Inspection due to the Utilities(water, gas, or electricity) not being on inside the residence at time of our original scheduled Inspection date and time.

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